I was bitten by fleas in the dormitory of the medical school!

Jul 24, 2016


I was bitten by fleas in the dormitory of the medical school!

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When I went to Medical School, I was given accommodation in its dormitory. There was no choice, and I moved there. I need to say, there were a lot of homeless dogs and cats rambling around, and some students took them inside the building to feed and provide shelter for a night or two. That was the reason for fleas to invade the dormitory.

How it all started?

In the beginning, I did not notice the pests. But a week after moving, I started seeing small red spots on my body. First, these were clusters on my legs, then they appeared on my chest and back. The spots were itching severely, and some of them turned into blisters. Initially I thought it was allergy to new foods or cats living with neighbors next door. But special remedies didn’t work as I expected – itching was relieved, but spots kept appearing again and again.

And then I saw a dog scratching itself behind ears, and it hit me that what I experienced could have been flea bites. Indeed, when I checked my room, I saw a few jumping bugs, and realized that they lived all around and kept eating me every night – I was not a host for them, because I have practically no hair on body and take hot shower every day, so the pests could not hide.

I informed my neighbors about pests and asked them to cure their pets or let cats out – they walked on the street daily, bringing new and new pests into the dormitory. To clean my room, I used diatomaceous earth and some special remedies. But the fighting against flea infestation was long, and I was being constantly beaten (there was no opportunity to move out). Eventually, I got infected because of bites: medical tests indicated it was cat scratch disease, and I experienced all symptoms typical of it (strong itching, high temperature and fever). Besides, skin inflammation was so bad that I could not lie on back or sit on a chair leaning on it.

Cure for flea bites

Special balm and antihistamine medications were prescribed, and I took tablets as recommended and kept applying the balm each morning and evening. In a week, it became better, and I did not suffer from itching anymore. It took me two weeks to heal usual bites, and a month to recover from inflamed bites. I almost exterminated fleas, and they did not bite me.

All in all, I have been fighting with the pests for 6 weeks, and their bites that caused allergy and inflammation were extremely unpleasant – attending classes was unbearable because of constant craving to scratch myself. Luckily, now I know how to get rid of fleas and what can help to overcome allergy and skin inflammation.

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